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Diploma in Graphic Designing CPD (UK) Undergraduates
Diploma in Graphic Designing CPD (UK)

Diploma in Graphic Designing - CPD (UK)

This program gives you the opportunity to learn advanced editing skills using the new and improved features of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Earn a CPD UK endorsed certificate in just 8 months.

Course content includes;

  • Brief introduction to graphic designing
  • Introduction to photoshop, photo retouching and special effects
  • Advanced features of adobe photoshop
  • Introduction to adobe illustrator, overview of program tools and layout
  • Advanced features of adobe illustrator
  • Introduction to adobe indesign and tool introduction
  • Brief introduction to digital marketing

Course fee: LKR 50,000

Assessment fee: 30GBP

Duration: 8 months

Modules: 05

Eligibility: 1 year work experience in graphic designing, certificate in graphic designing

For more information on course details, please contact us on:

Mobile/whatsapp: 0765380070/0768380505

Email: [email protected]


Rs. 50000 Rs. 50000